Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall festival and leaving old memories behind

The weather has done a complete turnaround. It is absolutely gorgeous fall weather finally.

Friday night Wyatt's school had their fall festival we had a blast! There was tons of things to do and the kids wanting to do most of it:)

They got their faces and hair painted

There was a cake walk-which they won nothing in

There was a big inflatable obstacle courses-which she totally rocked btw!

it had a huge slide! she loved it and had to do it again

The balloon artist clown lady rocked!

it's a butterfly

And there was a dunk tank that just happened to have Wyatt's last year teacher (who we loved) in it, Abby tried her best to dunk her.

ok so that didn't work on to plan B:) run up and push the button!! She went down.

Saturday was much of nothing, it was still raining at this time!

Sunday Shane woke at some god awful time to go sit in the woods. Then when he got home it was off to Mt. Juliet. Our old stomping grounds, the place we both grew up, the place we met and subsequently fell in love, the place when we left we were ecstatic and we only returned to be married and visit the few we knew that were left there.

The Mt. Juliet we see today is nothing like it was when we were there growing up, hell it is nothing like it was 10yrs ago when we left. There was NOTHING to do there. The place has changed ALOT but truthfully I don't regret leaving and I don't plan on returning. After this weekend we have one less reason to go back.

Shane's dad finally sold his house. I really shouldn't say finally since he only had it on the market for a couple weeks if that long. He got married back in May and moved much closer to us.

It is a little bitter sweet though. Shane grew up in that house when he came home from the hospital it was to that house, he left for college and returned and only left again when we bought the house we live in now. He and I both have only lived one other place besides here (I don't count his nasty dorm room in college).

We have had alot of fun and special times there. I remember when my dad sold his house and I pulled out of the driveway for the very last time I cried. Shane Sunday leaving his dad's house, yea not so much-it's a man thing I guess.

I did however force him to sit on the front porch with the kids and take some pictures, afterall they will not remember daddy's old house in years to come.

I am off from the 2 extra kids this week so we are trying to make the best of this gorgeous weather. More on that later


Kurt and Samantha said...

Great weather and that fall festival looked FUN!!

McAngie said...

Wow Joy, the weather has been beautiful hasn't it?! Perfect zoo weather. You and I are just going to have to MAKE ourselves get together! LOL!

Oh, I love Abby's cute colored locks!