Thursday, September 17, 2009

Writer's Workshop Thursday

We are onto Thursday now and that means it is time to jump in with MakaKat and get some inspiration from her on what to write about today.

The Prompts:

1.) If You Give A Mom A Moment...
Inspired by Heidi from Sacred And Profane)
Hello a moment is never enough

2.) What's the message you would craft
(inspired by Heidi from Sacred and Profane after she read this post at Minor Catastrophes)

3. look below I chose this one

4.) If your pet could talk, what would you want to know?
(inspired by KK from Kamp KK (but not the KKK))
What do I gotta do to get to sleep that many hours a day and only be required to look cute to have someone feed me. Oh wait Jet does have to go swimming in subfreezing waters fetching ducks to earn her keep so I guess I would want to know from her just how cold does that water feel:) and from Drake my old man I would want him to tell us when it is time:(

5.)If you could only focus on three things in life and pursue them fully, leaving everything else, what would they be and why?
(inspired via tweet by Sarah Mae from Like A Warm Cup Of Coffee)

Oh this one is too hard

3.) Your Fall favorites.
(inspired by me)

Oh I love everything Fall. I love the nice warm (not hotashell) days, the chilly nights, the smell that seems to fill the air. The colors, oh the colors they are awesome.

I Love Halloween. I admit I hate the cheesy costume that I must buy my son because he is to old for me to choose for anymore, but Abby is ALL MINE. I will make her the most cutest costume ever and parade her around the neighborhood (someone else's not ours) and get me I mean them tons of free candy!!

I love the tradition we have. We always go to the pumpkin patch, we have gone to the same one since Wyatt was itty bitty. Our first one didn't go the way I had pictured it in my mind. Picture 3mth old hungry baby and you can figure that one out pretty quick. But we have made tons of fun memories over the years.

We pose with the same props every year

They always have a huge pumpkin

There are lots of forced smiles so mommy can get another family picture:)

We always buy really expensive pumpkins and eat granny smith apple slices with warm, gooey, melty caramel and nuts on them.-oh it is fun

We went to a different one last year with Wyatt's class and it was huge and awesome but I still made Shane do a family trip to this one just because it is our thing, I am not sure what we will do this year. The thought of us not going makes me sad-is that weird?

We also like to have fires out in the back yard and roast hotdogs and make smores:) and those fall cool evenings are perfect for it.

There is one main thing that makes fall a not so fav though-Hunting Season is upon us here in the house. That means alot less of daddy hanging around on the weekends and alot more of our alarm clock going off at godawful times of the morning. We only get glimpses of him from fall deer season all the way through winter duck season.

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Elizabeth said...

Girl, your on a roll this week. I love fall too and cant wait until the Pumpkin Patch. Carter gets to go on his first little field trip with preschool to the PP. I am way more excited than he is. :-)

Kurt and Samantha said...

Oh, how I love Fall and everything that comes with it. I want some of those apples to eat, sounds delish!!