Monday, October 5, 2009

Well it was fun while it lasted

Last week I had an entire week off! The kids I watch went to Disney so Abby and I tried to make the most of the week.

We were lucky and the weather was gorgeous. We went to see Wyatt at school and volunteered in his class a couple of times. Wednesday I was mommy of the century and took him McDonald's for lunch!

The other day I got her paints out and put one of daddy's scrub shirts on her and let her paint some pretty pictures with her big roll of paper Pappy gave her.

Posing with her masterpiece

We ate lunch outside

Zeus was hoping we dropped something for him to eat-he should know better though because that never happens, he's not aloud to eat people food. Poor guy never gets anything good.

Thursday we went to the zoo. My dad made the almost 2hr drive here and joined us. We love our zoo and go all the time.

On Friday we went back to see Wyatt at school. They were displaying their animal science projects. That's right he had his first project of the year, which we all know really is more work for the parents, that is if you care anything about your child actually learning something and following the directions.

He chose to do a shark which I was glad because it was simple to find stuff. We did have a great time putting it all together. I secretly love this kind of stuff and was glad to help him learn some fun facts.

I am a bit partial, but I think his was best:)

Saturday was gorgeous so we got out and went to a new park. Shane took his bike and rode the entire greenway while the kids and I played.

Sunday it was cold and rainy I never left the house-heck Abby and I didn't even get out of our pjs:) Shane had gotten up early and went to visit his dog at the trainer's and to see his Nano at the nursing home, then when he got home he and Wyatt ran out for a minute to go over to the farm he hunts and check on things since the man who owns it is out of town. But when he got home we all sat around and did NOTHING.

Well now it is Monday again and the kids are back and Wyatt is on fall break so that means 4 kids all week!! Oh the joy


Kurt and Samantha said...

What a good week that you all had! Now the fun really begins with all 4 at home:)!!

Elizabeth said...

The pic of your Dad and the kids is cute.
Wyatts project looked like it turned out good. Way to go Mom!
You and your employees will have to work out Fall Break next year. Be working on her about Spring Break now.

Heather and Jason said...

The pics are cute! Love Abby's painting.