Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Rewind

I know some say Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer and that was just the other day, but my summer has officially started.  Especially after the weekend of 90+ degrees!

Wyatt is OUT of school!! This is awesome for many reasons but mainly because it means NO more car rider line. I have spent 2hrs of my day, 5days of week for the last 8mths going to and from his school and it has gotten OLD. Wednesday was his last day and Friday we picked up his report card and he was officially a 2nd grader!

And if you will bare with me for a minute while I brag on my boy. 

He has done so well in school this year and has learned tons. From sorta reading by just sounding out words to reading outloud very well and comprehending everything he reads. He has gotten into chapter books and just amazes me more and more every day with all his knowledge. He has also done very well with spelling and math-thank God he got his daddy's math skills and not mine!

Check this out:

Do you see all those E & S's? Those are equal to A & B's. Well in the reading, language arts, and math because they get real grades on real tests in these subjects. He also went the entire school year without ever getting a behavior mark he and his best friend were the only 2 in his class to do so. He also did this last year.

Ok enough bragging on school onto bragging on baseball:)

We finished up baseball, unfortunately earlier than we would have wished but the win just wasn't in the cards for us that day. The kids loved getting medals for their outstanding season though. 

I know I have mentioned Shane coaching Wyatt's team many times and how proud of him I am but this season again really drove it home for us. Being at the ballpark for the past 3 years spring and fall you really get to see some of the other coaches and how they behave out there and what type of example they set for the kids. I will leave it at I am VERY proud of the example Shane is setting for my son and all the kids on his team. I hope all the parents on our team feel the same way about him.

We will definitely miss hanging out at the park.  Hopefully fall ball will hurry up and get here.  Oh and we have next spring to look forward to having 2 kids playing:) yep Abby will be 4 and old enough to start tball and trust me she can not wait!

While at the game Abby and one of her good little friends had been fighting with each over the buckle on B's stroller:) I know of all things. Anyways Abby ended up with a finger in her eye and wouldn't stop complaining. The Dr says she only has to wear the patch for a couple of days and after that they will recheck it but hopefully she will be just fine.

Ok so I am just joking Amber I know you read this and I couldn't resist:)

After Abby had a nap we headed to the lake to take the boat out. Abby loves the boat and you can't go fast enough for her she just yells faster! The kids had a blast catching or trying to catch fish. Most of the fish got the upper hand and were just getting free meals of all you can eat worms! But there were a few little guys that we managed to land.

No Abby is not afraid of fish and yes I put the worm on the hook for her. I can't be teaching my girl that worms and fish are yuck, if she is gonna survive this house full of outdoors peeps she has to deal with it. Well I will give her a pass on spiders because everyone know those things are hideous!!

It was just a day spent mostly around the house working and playing outside. The kids played in the pool most of the day.

And Shane and I worked in the garden, we picked and shucked more peas than I care to count, but hey it is worth it,  I think.  Now we are back to Monday and back to the daily grind.


Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Awesome job on his report card! I am so ready for no car lines too :)

Kurt and Samantha said...

I know you are so proud of him--he is doing so well in school. It sounds like you have had a great weekend with your family. Schools out for Summer!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Wyatt must have gotten his smarts from his Mommy. :-) Lol. Seriously I hope Carter does that well.
The pic of Abby in her lifejacket sitting in the chair is hilarious!

Mama Kat said...

You just have the most perfect little family! I love it. And YAY for no more 2 hour car rides!!! Holy smokes, you don't have to do that next year do you!?!