Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Busy Summer Days

School has been out for a little while now and we have be busy keeping busy. I have been all over the place, all four kids in tow!

Last week Wyatt had a 3 day baseball camp hosted by a local high school. He had alot of fun and said he learned alot and wants to go again next year.

On Wednesday after camp we went to a friends house to swim oh yea I took all the kids:) Wyatt has really turned into a little fish this year and was all about the pool, Abby is doing great and loved floating in the ring.

This past weekend we stayed busy with visiting some old friends and their oh so cute puppies. My son is still trying to convince me he needs one of these. I think not so much, but who wins this battle is still in the air.

We then went with some friends to a baseball game and watched some great fireworks afterwards.

Wyatt had a blast on the velcro wall before the game, it was hilarious to watch Shane throw him up and he just stick there:)

Sunday I spent some time shopping with and without my kids. Daddy took pitty on them and me and came to pick them up after a phone call from me threatening to leave them on the side of the road if they didn't shape up quickly, luckily he got there just in time! Speaking of shopping Old Navy is having a big ol daddy sale as in everything for your man is 1/2 off and I mean everything. WTH is up with them not doing this for women on Mother's day???

This week Wyatt is at nature camp every day from 9-12 he is having a blast and loving it, I am just glad to get him out of the house some more. We are planning more trips to Target, the library and the splash park next week so stayed tuned to my crazy tells of hauling 4 kids around and hopefully not loosing anyone along the way.


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Kurt and Samantha said...

You have been busy, but what a way to start the summer. That velcro wall looks cool.

McAngie said...

Goodness, you guys look like you have been having a blast!