Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend of fun

Well it's Monday again and time for my weekend wrapup and back to reality of kids, kids, and more kids.

So my weekend got off to an early start when I had the Friday off. I dropped Wyatt at nature camp and arranged for him to go home with a friend to swim afterwards. Then went to hubs work and dropped Abby and suddenly found myself kidless!! So what's a girl to do when she doesn't have any kids? Why go to the Dr of course, yea that Dr.

Um yea not what kind of day off I was looking forward to, but the day did get better. After picking up some lunch I headed out shopping to kill some time until my appointment for my massage!!!

Yep remember me telling you about the massage I got as a birthday gift way back in October? I finally went and got it. It was really good although I did think I was gonna have to stop her a few different times because it was a bit ticklish in spots:)

Saturday we headed up the interstate with a friend to a local community center outdoor pool area. It was a ton of fun we spent about 5 hrs there the kids were exhausted but still didn't want to leave.

Yesterday we woke up left hubs in the bed to sleep in (even though there was NO sleeping in for mommy on my day but whatever). We made a yummy breakfast of Monkey bread, bacon and eggs.

The kids loved making the bread, Wyatt is a pro at it since he makes it alot with his Gram, but this was just my 2nd time making it. I have to brag a bit and tell ya it came out super yummy.

We added nuts to ours

Thanks to Good and Crazy for sharing this recipe that she found from A Southern Fairytale

Then we headed to his dad's house for some fun in the sun. My kids are like little fish and love the water. Abby has been jumping off the side since last year but yesterday graduated to jumping off the diving board!! Wyatt was perfecting his cannon balls and getting thrown in the air by Shane.

We were pretty waterlogged after the weekend of water and today we are just staying inside and enjoying the AC. It is crazy hot out there.


rachel - a southern fairytale said...

SO cute!!! I adore the pictures and how fun! I never thought about making it in a loaf pan, it looks delicious and there's nothing more magical than cooking with kids ;-) and making those wonderful memories!
Welcome to the fun and I'm sooo glad y'all enjoyed it! Hope to see you around again!
:-) Rachel

jenn said...

All that water looks so inviting!

I have a certificate for a free massage too, but who knows when I'll find the time (and babysitter) to use it. Hopefully soon...

Creepy said...

I have a gift certificate for a massage from Mother's Day THREE years ago... before Dottie was born... I wonder if it's still good....

Sorta jealous of the heat... we haven't seen the sun in weeks here... I'm bundled up in a sweater right now....

McAngie said...

Wow, looks like you had a fun filled weekend! We so need to invite you guys over to swim since your kids love the water.

Jodee said...

I can't wait till Rex gets old enough to want to stay at the pool for 5 hours!!!!! That looked like a really nice pool area too! I love summer fun outside!!!

Elizabeth said...

We need definitely need to go out to Manchester with you next time. Looks like fun!
That monkey bread sure looks yummy!