Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rocking out Guitar Hero style

Shane has been wanting Guitar Hero for a while and I almost got it for him for Father's Day, that is till he found some baseball glove on Ebay that he "just had to have".

Well the other day he found one for a Very cheap price and got it. He broke it in the other night and since we have been a rocking out around here:)

Wyatt got all excited tonight when he found the "Transformer" song. I have to admit he does pretty good, now I don't see him getting any bookings anytime soon but give him a bit and he will have this one mastered.

It was cracking me up watching him

Speaking of Transformers-we plan on going to see this tomorrow with Wyatt, he is so excited as we have be anticipating the arrival of this movie since the end of the first one!


Kurt and Samantha said...

Abby is adorable with her pink guitar right beside her daddy and Wyatt has got the head bobbing down pat. He might just be a true rockstar!!

Jodee said...

GOsh= Rex keeps pushing buttons deleting what i write- HE looked so cute rocking with his litle head bobbin! Consider yourself warned on Transformer movie- some dirty words and sexual words and movements on this one! I didn't see it, but if my husband said it wasnt really for a 6 year old, then I would be scared- he said it was a great movie- he said it should of been a NC-17 movie or rated R really. Cause we all know 6 year olds pack into those movies!

Elizabeth said...

We need to have another Guitar Hero party. Its so much playing with other adults. :-)
The kids look like they love it though.

AFRo said...

Crack me up with him bobbing his head while jamming out. Good job Joy! You're teaching him well!!!

Nina said...

I love that your kids are also playing guitar. My little ones both love to play with their daddy's guitar- must get around to buying them their own.

Tara said...

LOL!! we got my hubby guitar hero band for Father's day....that's all we've done for an entire week! too much fun!

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