Friday, June 12, 2009

On the count down!!

We are officially on the count down to Beach 09! Can you hear the excitement in my voice?

Exactly one month from today not only will we be headed to our favorite spot but also my little man will be turning 7 years old. He is super excited about getting to wake at darkthirty and hit the road for 9hrs on his birthday but hey it will be worth it getting to celebrate at the beach again. See for the last few years he has been at the beach on his birthday, I wish I was so lucky.

So trust me I will continue to remind everyone that we are on the countdown, and try to remind myself that I will have to be in a bikini in public soon so I should step away from the brownies that are calling my name from the kitchen! YES you heard me right I will be wearing a bikini I ain't ashamed of this birthed two kiddos body. Plus I don't know anyone down there except for the hubs and lets face it he knows what it all looks like and he still chooses to love me so what do I care? and a tan makes it all look better and trust me tanning is something I will be doing alot of, I try to soak up as many rays as possible.

Also while I soak up some of those rays one of these will never be far away from my hand!:)

And while at the beach sometimes you must improvise


Bad Mommy said...

OMgawd, can I puh-lease come with you? That looks absolutely fabulous!

McAngie said...

Yum! I love mojitos~can I tag along? LOL!