Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How we spend our evenings

So most evening this is where we can be found

Daddy with his two girls

he wants everyone to be a ball player

After finally getting a hammock stand we are out there all the time, lounging in the shade of the tree or after the sun goes down.

Because it has been SOOO unbearably HOT here lately, evenings is the only time you can be out without getting a heat stroke. Last Friday Shane mowed the grass in the dark because it was so HOT.

Did I mention it was hot here? It is sad when they say that it is gonna be 88 and that makes us happy cause it is cool:)

Oh yea BTW 11 days til I am lounging with an ocean breeze on my face!!!


Tabi said...

Sounds so relaxing!! I'm with you and the heat! OMG! It was 104 this weekend! Hot hot!

Creepy said...

Still waiting on the heat up here... though the sun has actually appeared and I think it may hit the mid 70's today!

Love lounging in a hammock... we don't have one yet...

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Looks great to me ;)

Elizabeth said...

Cute pic of Abby with her Daddy.

Kurt and Samantha said...

I love hammocks, they are so relaxing. I am with you the heat has to go.

jenn said...

The heat has been awful! Is it October yet?