Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some fun and randomness

Today we spent a fun day with Gram (Shane's mom) we went to lunch, the children's museum and then to feed the ducks at Centennial Park.

Standing on the Moon

This was a crazy squirrel that just wanted some bread

Oh and we picked some more blueberries and as promised I made that pie:) It was so yummy it made Shane want to cry since he couldn't and wouldn't eat it (well he took one bite) seriously I can't believe the will power he has, even the thought of having to be seen in a swim suit in less than 2 wks at the beach didn't stop me; it was SOO Yummo.

BTW don't you love the half eaten pie? No I did not eat it all myself I shared with my neighbor and the kiddos.

We also discovered wild blackberries growing in the field tree line near our yard and have been a picking away while trying to not been seen so we don't have to share! Well that is not totally true I shared some with my neighbor but I like her:) remember I shared my pie with her.


Bad Mommy said...

Oooooh, that's a nice looking pie. Is that homemade crust too?

Joy said...

The bottom nope the top is this crumble type stuff and yes I made it.

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you all today! I would love to get together sometime,


Elizabeth said...

I dont like blueberries, but that pie looks very yummy Martha!

Ab said...

I envy you, Joy. I would probably also pee myself if Ashley noticed that I am alive. Too funny. Your pie also looks DELISH! So delish, in fact, that I'm kind of hoping you'll post the recipe too!