Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How could I say No

So Shane informs me yesterday that he has this new idea. This idea just happens to include a new puppy YES you heard me correct I said another dog!! Anyone keeping count? That would now be 2 big outside dogs, 1 dog that has to live inside, 2 outside cats and now a puppy!!

But she does come from good lines and we do hope to someday start breeding and having puppies again. I have been joking and telling Shane she is famous by association since the guy he got her from works for a pretty famous country music couple.

Then he comes home with her today and seriously how could I say no. So far I am not regretting this decision but we haven't gone to bed yet!

You have to start them early:)

She is pretty cute

She does love the water already; I guess this is a good thing

Oh yea BTW she has no name! and if you haven't figured it out yet she is a Black Labrador


Denise said...

Oh I am HATING you a little bit right now! She is SOOOOOOOOO FREAKING cute. Reminds me so much of when my lil (not so little) Murphy was a pup. OMG!!!!!!!! Please post pics ALL THE TIME...LIKE EVERY SINGLE DAY. I'm going to cafemom to see if there are more :)

AFRo said...

Oh. My. Goodness. She is so freaking cute. I think ya'll should name her Dixie. I'm just sayin...

Elizabeth said...

You are officially CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!

Bad Mommy said...

Yes, you are crazy. Dogs are like babies except you can lock them in cages legally. Except in Germany.

I like Dixie. Or Daisy. Or Mabel.

Mama's Losin' It said...

She is adorable!! I had two black labs growing up...super smart...but four dogs!?! Girrrl, you done lost yo mind.