Friday, July 11, 2008

Ok so I lied in the last post:)

So when I mentioned having never been tagged before that was a slight mess up on my part! I had actually been asked by Liz to do a post similar to the one she had done with some baby pics of her kiddos in regards to who they look like. Sorry for that one she knows that I love her and didn't totally ignore her request on purpose:)

I had actually worked on this but then it got filed away amongst the thousands of pictures in my computer and I kinda forgot to finish it. So here is the best I could find. I don't have a ton of our baby pics here. So what do you think, can we claim these kids as our own?

If you could see some of the pictures I have seen of Shane as a kid it is pretty crazy how much Wyatt looks like his daddy, we refer to him as "mini Shane."


Elizabeth said...

Aw, you do still love me. I thought I had gotten the boot due to the other bloggers out there. Ok, you look like a baby doll in that pic, very cute. As I have always thought Wyatt looks just like Shane, Abby has your eyes and nose but I can see a little of her Daddy in her also. I'd say you could claim them. :-)

Kurt and Samantha said...

Wyatt is definately little Shane and Abby is a good mix of both! They are your children

The Spencer Family said...

Wow! Wyatt looks more like Shane than I thought! You were such a cute baby!