Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Angels!

So like I said it snowed-ALOT! the most snow around here in about 7yrs.

Remember how the last time it "snowed" all Abby wanted was to make a snow angel? Well they got their snow angels

I can't remember the last time snow lasted this long. They played from Friday to Sunday and even got out for a couple minutes Monday although it was mainly wet, mushy stuff. There were hrs of sledding, four wheeler riding and snow ball fights.

It was so icy Saturday you could sled on pretty much anything. We have a hill at the end of our street and the skim board made for an awesome sled.

This was just her being pushed down the little hill on our front yard but she slid halfway across the yard.

She was yelling for daddy to watch her, he had already gone in after his sledding incident landed him soaking wet and in pain, yes we are to old for sledding and found out the hard way.

We even went redneck and pulled the kiddos behind the four wheeler on the sled

well that is until the incident:)

*No this is not right after the incident this was a bit later after she had gotten over it and decided that she wouldn't let a little booboo slow down her fun.

yep looks like she was in a fight, when she came up I saw blood and immediately thought OMG she broke her nose! luckily that was not the case and she just lost a little skin in a few spots. Hey at least she had on a helmet.

On Sunday we dug out the beach toys and made snow castles

Monday they both had dentist appts early and while driving there it was SO pretty right around here. All the fields were covered in snow and all the trees were covered in ice and since it was sunny it all sparkled.

But after this many days of snow I totally see why all you guys up north get so tired of it. Wet, snow covered shoes are gonna be the death of me. Well that and no school! Yep he was out Friday, Monday and Tuesday and I may have just sent him regardless tomorrow had they tried to close down. They are going 2hrs late which is actually pretty good since I get to sleep in a bit and still get him out of the house for a few hrs.

Get this they say it might snow again the first of next week! but of course that is still enough days away that if it doesn't they can totally make up some sort of excuse of why it isn't their fault.


Kurt and Samantha said...

Looks like you guys had fun, we played with our beach tools in the snow too!

angie said...

I'm starting to feel left out since we don't have snow.........we do have lots of rain though...:)