Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines day and they say the darndest things

it snowed and my dog is out there barking at snow flakes I think he has finally snapped from this cold yucky weather. but anyways

We had a babysitter and got to go out child free yesterday. We ate Mexican food I drank a very large margarita and we saw an actual adult movie, it was great. You may say Mexican food really for Valentines day? but after you have spent as many Valentines days as we have it really is just about getting to spend some QT together.

Then it was all over and we were forced to pick up our kids so much for the quiet time which is really our definition of good QT.

After we got home Abby asked Shane for something to drink it went a little something like this:

Abby: "daddy can I have some juice please"
Me: in my head "did she actually say please"
Shane: pouring her some juice
Abby: "Daddy remember sometimes when you drink your orange juice you get crap in it?"
Me: "what"
Abby: repeats what she said:)
Shane and I together: "Um yea that is not something you say" and I turn around to hide the fact that I am laughing cause lets face it, it was hilarious.
Shane: "just because daddy says something doesn't mean it is right for you to say it."

What was she talking about? Well about 2 weeks ago maybe more we were sitting down to eat our normal big weekend breakfast when Shane takes a drink out of his glass of OJ and discovers that his glass had something in it and he was all mad and said "It would be nice to drink my glass of OJ without a bunch of crap in it"! there ya go proof my children get their foul mouth from their father not me, and proof that I am the better parent:)

it is also proof that we need a new dishwasher!


Elizabeth said...

Carter is the same way, likes to repeat things that 4 year olds really shouldnt say. And he remembers stuff we said weeks ago. Always got to keep the filter on.