Monday, February 22, 2010

What a difference a week makes

Maybe mother nature reads my blog and finally took a hint from all my moaning and groaning over this terrible winter weather we have had around here lately. I know how I said I love the snow but we got a real good one a few weeks ago and that was enough for me.

It seems like we were destine to suffer for weeks and weeks in cold, snowy weather. After all this is our past few weekends:




but gosh were we in for a very pleasant surprise this past weekend. OMG it was absolutely beautiful, ya know the kind of weather that gives you a serious case of spring fever! We spent the weekend outside and for once we were not bundled like the marshmallow puff man or the little brother from Christmas Story.

We went to the greenway yesterday to get in a little exercise, Shane ran (5 miles can we say OMG!) and the kids rode their bikes well Abby rode hers most of the way until the chain fell off and I pushed it the rest of the way back!

this is crazy look at the difference in wardrobe!

Notice Wyatt way off in the distance she couldn't quite keep up with him

She loves her bike and daddy has to get it fixed ASAP so she can get back out there as soon as it is nice again because guess what? the weather today-notsomuch

and I actually thought the boy would finally get a full week of school in since afterall we didn't have any snow on the ground. Well that is till he woke up with a bad fever. Dang can't a girl get a break?


Kurt and Samantha said...

The weather was awesome, glad you all enjoyed it. Hope Wyatt feels better soon.