Thursday, February 11, 2010


Nothing major going on around here just alot of cold.

No snow but it was like 18 here this morning when I HAD to get out and take son to school what is up with that? I hate cold weather! we have gotten an actual big snow this year that my kids got to play in for more than one day so I am ready for warm weather.


Speaking of warm weather I have been looking long and hard trying to decide on a beach house for this summer's vacation. Yes I know it is only February, but did I mention how cold it is here? I want to be there not here! like now! July is WAY to far away.


My computer made it back to me, but I still HATE all things EMachines. They did have some sort of customer service guy call the other day to check on it, I told him it was currently working but is still yet to been seen how long that lasts. I told him their customer service department sucks but he didn't really seem to care, he gave me the "I am sorry for your inconvenience" speech. Why do they even bother, why pay someone to do this if they don't really care?


speaking of my new computer I transferred files from the old computer to this and quickly realized I have TONS of pics on my computer. I really need to get some sort of back up device. Especially with the untrustworthy computer I have sitting in my lap. For now I guess I will just upload them on both computers, but what do you do? Please don't tell me you just keep your fingers crossed that nothing happens. I am proof computers die and you loose stuff! lots of stuff! precious pics of your oh so tiny and cute baby that you took but since you took thousands of them you didn't print them all.


All those pics need to be printed right?? I have been on a mission since I got this new computer to organize the pictures and make sure and try to get as many pics printed as possible. I have been skipping around the world wide web trying to find cheap prints to print these tons of pics. which brings me to this.

Swaggrabber Sheri who happens to be one of my favs let me onto these:

Snapfish has 50 free prints for new users click here

Kodak also gives 50 free prints for signing up. I did this one and got 50 prints for 1.99 shipping.

Artscow happens to be one of my favorite sites they are constantly giving me free credits for things. Prints, books, mouse pads, key chains etc. Click here and I will get credits for you signing up and you will get 1200 free prints credits & 3 8"x8" photo books & other great photo gifts credits. They do ship out of Hong Kong so sometimes the shipping is a bit slow, so keep this in mind. but who cares when you are getting something free or just paying shipping which isn't that bad.


Survivor starts tonight and this makes me happy! is that sad? but my kids love this show yes they watch reality tv don't judge! anyways we all watch it together and it makes for some great family QT!


Baseball starts soon, can you believe this? Abby is SOOOO excited to play this year. Shane will be coaching her 4yr old team so prayers are needed for his sanity:) his assistant coach took over the big boys. Wyatt and his son have been playing together forever, ever since they were wee little 4yr olds. Guess it needs to hurry up and get warmer outside so they can start swinging the bat out back.

told ya it was alot of randomness