Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Great deals and saving money

I have been talking on here some about my money saving trips to the grocery and CVS, I truly love checking out and seeing how much I have saved. Publix will always print on the receipt how much you saved between coupons and buying their sale items. A week ago I saved $40.53 and last weekend it was $59.92!!

My favorite deal from the grocery has to be my razors. Ladies I know you know how freaking expensive those things can be especially in the summer when you actually are shaving your legs on a regular basis and hence going thru alot of them.

So last week they had Schick Quattro razor/trimmer on sale BOGO. It was originally $10.99/pc but I paid $10.99 for two of them, THEN I had $8.00 worth of coupons:) so in the end I paid $2.99 for both of them that was a savings of $18.99!!!

Then onto the razor refills the 4ct box is normally $10.99. They were also on sale $8.99/pc PLUS they were BOGO. I bought 2 last week then got a rain check since they were out and bought 4 more this week! I paid $26.97, THEN I had $20 in coupons:) so in the end I paid $6.97 a savings of $58.97!!

So for $9.96 I got this

and saved a total of $77.96 can you say great deal? and people say Publix is pricey.

I did my run to CVS the other day I wish I still had my receipts but unfortunately I threw them away, but I did get some great stuff and great deals and still have some extra care bucks left over for this week. You really need to look into the whole CVSing thing.

Now onto my deal of the century from Target! Last week I had to run there for something what I don't remember, but the reason really doesn't matter because we all know I LOVE me some Target. I was just cruising the isles with 3 kids in tow who believe it or not were behaving pretty well. We had been on the look out for a deal on a pool and were waiting for the big sale. I have tried the last couple of yrs with no luck. That was until Friday! I see a pool on the endcap and walk up and see that it is marked down 50% $499 down to $249. I start trying to get a hold of Shane but with zero luck. I am too afraid to walk away as I think there is another lady stalking the pool waiting to pounce the moment I walk away:) the baby starts fussing, I am getting fussy since Shane is either busy or ignoring me! Finally I give up on his cell and call his work. He says yea it's a good deal but ask if they can give me a better deal. I hate the idea but agree. I was SOOO lucky that there just happened to be a worker on the next isle and I didn't have to risk the other lady pouncing when I went in search of someone. He comes over I begin my wheeling and dealing he says "well let me scan to make sure the price is marked right" much to my delight it was in fact NOT marked correct.

It was a $499 pool for only $124!! OMG can you believe that deal? I couldn't either and told him immediately I wanted it but it wouldn't fit in the mini could I come later and pick it up and he said sure no problem. Woohoo we now have a pool

So for $124 I got this 16x48 pool with everything but chemicals-it has a cover, skimmer, vacuum, ladder etc!

We can not wait for next summer since it is already late in the year it will not be put up this year unfortunately for my kids who have to look at it in the garage for the next 8mths:)!

So who else is ready to jump on the money saving train, afterall the less you spend on groceries and non fun stuff the more you can spend on fun stuff like SHOES!


Elizabeth said...

My little blog roll thing doesnt work to well. I didnt even know you had updated.
Anyways, great deals! I love Publix, their BOGOs are awesome. Glad we know someone with a pool now. :-)

Cindy said...

Sounds like you are racking up on the savings...I have GOT to get back into coupons! I LOVE finding good deals like that! You go girl!!

Anonymous said...

I so need to figure out hte coupon and bogo things...but I don't see buying somethign you don't need like lots of pple do..i don't have the extra money to "stock up" cause its a good deal

email me what to do??? Mindy E

Bad Mommy said...

I'm coming over for a swim when you get that puppy up, cool?

And then can we go to Target? I *heart* Target with every fiber of my being.