Monday, August 10, 2009

Back from the beach and no one was left behind

We had an awesome time on Beach '09 part dos.

We survived the extremely long 12hr drive yesterday with only one minor freak out and I quote "I will pull this car over" (and yes the car did get pulled over btw!). But after that one minor set back we were good the rest of the time. Both actually slept some and at one point both were asleep at the same time!!!

Lots of fun times were had by all, the big boys got along great and had a blast hanging out together. The other two were just pests to them most of the time and Wyatt and M tried to avoid them at all costs.

Lots of pictures were taken of course, some tears were shed and bribes made in an effort to get that one perfect shot of everyone acting as though they loved each other and were happy to be there. I hope between the two cameras and lots snapped there are a couple good ones, we shall see when I get a chance to get them all on my computer and get the CD from SIL.

So I will be back with more details.

Oh and BTW it is also Back To School time here! We met Wyatt's teacher today and I am SOOOO excited to say he got the one I requested and his BF is also in there. These 2 boys have been together K & 1st and now 2nd they will be crushed I think if they get separated, I was SO nervous. So starting Wednesday we are back on a schedule that requires me to be somewhat presentable and out the door by 7:15! ugh I hate this school routine.


Tabi said...

Glad you guys had fun!! I'm with you on the school schedule...blah! Not ready!

MindyE said...

mine have to be at school at that time or thaey will be tardy to thei clasroom..we start at we get up at 6 and leave at 7

Jodee said...

I have to have mine there by get 15 extra minutes! I hate this part of school too:) Glad he got in the same room with his BF...Jake got seperated from all 3 of his buddies:( But I am lovin the teacher:)