Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm outta here and Happy Birthday!!

While you are reading this I am in the car on my way to the BEACH!!

pray that I don't go crazy and neither of my children end up on the side of the road somewhere between here and Florida! It would be especially bad if I had to put my little man out seeing as it is his Birthday.

Today is great in two ways. I had planned a great tribute to my guy but here it is almost 10pm and I still need to jump in the bath and shave my legs! So short and sweet is what he will get.

I wrote a sweet post last year read it here

Over the last year he has changed so much and is really growing into a big boy. He blew thru first grade with awesome grades and beyond belief good behavior, he played some more ball and is really loving it still, he has had his first crush (but if you ask him she likes him not the other way around) and the best part-she was a 4th grader!! That's my boy:) and he has been an all around awesome son and big brother (well most of the time).

I can't wait to watch him grow into a man and see what the future holds for him.

Miss me while I am gone, I may jump on occasionally if we can get internet there.


Kurt and Samantha said...

Happy birthday Wyatt, you are growing into a very handsome man!! Have fun at the beach.

Elizabeth said...

Makes my heart hurt to see him growing up. Seems like just yesterday he was my little buddy.
Love you Wyatt, Happy Birthday!

Mama Kat said...

Don't you just love how teeny tiny they were!?! SO precious. :)