Thursday, July 30, 2009

Writer's Workshop Thursday

It's been a long time since I have jumped in on the game but there were some good prompts this week so I had to join in, after all I know you guys are sick of hearing about our awesome beach vacation.

The Prompts:

1.) Who made you red hot this week? It's been a pretty good week so far so I have stayed relatively calm.

2.) A day in your life...recap.
really it is pretty boring. Let's recap a normal stay home do nothing (yea right) day.
7am out of bed after almost an hour of Shane hitting the snooze-yes it is obnoxious but I have no control it's on his side. I let the dog out to pee, yes I know I said she was not my responsibility but I hate to wake the beast aka Wyatt to let her out.
I make some sort of breakfast for the hubs and kiss him bye.
Kids that I get paid for show up and the fun begins;) changing diapers, making bottles, wiping butts, naps, lunch, more diapers etc-I know very glamorous
They leave around 4:30ish then I try to figure some sort of dinner that the entire family will eat, since I am not a short order cook I fix one dinner and one dinner only!
Evenings are my favorite part of the day since hubs is home and I am down to 2 kids we usually lay in the hammock, check out the garden and do some sort of work, practice a little baseball and generally be lazy.
Bedtime comes somewhere between 8&9 for the kiddos then I get to play on the internet uninterrupted. bed time comes then it is repeat, repeat, repeat for the rest of the week.

3.) What decision are you having a hard time making?
It use to be are we done having kids, but I think that one has finally been decided. Having someone else's baby during the day helps with the baby fever and I get to give her back at the end of the day. Babies really complicate things so if I can talk hubs into a permanent fix we are officially done.

4.) How will you enjoy your last days of freedom (aka summer)?
I can't believe it is almost over here. I dread the whole school routine starting up again. This week is lazy maybe I will be inspired to make him do some sort of school work so I can make sure his brain hasn't turned to mush these last few weeks of nonstop tv, leggos, DS games, and computer time. BUT then next week we are off on a mini vacation!! back to the beach for us!!!!! I am SOOO excited to get to do the beach 2 times this summer, I would seriously stay for weeks if I could. We will leave next Wednesday and return on Sunday-I hope no one goes crazy on this trip as it will be a house full of people including 4 kids, oh I hope they behave. Then on Monday he has registration at school then back on Wednesday.

5.)List your 7 most favorite summer items!
I am sure there are many things but I am drawing a blank right now.

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Robin said...

Have fun at the beach.....and don't forget the sunblock :-)
In the mean time....Have a beautiful day today.