Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A little break from beach pics

Yes go ahead tell me how crazy I am, I can take it I am a big girl and I've got my big girl panties on.

This is what came home to join us yesterday.

But dang ain't she cute? She is lucky that she is cute considering the 4am wake up call she gave us and again at 6am.

I am pretty sure when that 4am call comes tonight Wyatt will be answering it instead of Shane! That little you know what slept soundly thru all of it.

She is the granddaughter of our old man Drake. Her mom is a puppy from Drake and Mossy who is no longer with us may she rest in peace, all though I don't think as crazy as she was there is any peace in dogie heaven:) So we are keeping it in the family.

I think she has a name, that is til Shane changes his mind. Drake's Little Suzie, Suzie for short. Drake is a boy duck and Suzie is a girl duck so it is fitting, Shane is a duck hunter hence the duck reference. Now don't say I never taught you anything!

We keep thinking we don't have much more time with Drake which really makes me very sad, so having this girl to carry on his legacy makes me happy. Drake was our baby before we were married and had babies.

Shane has big plans for her and Wyatt, she is technically Wyatt's dog.

So who is keeping track?? If you have lost count let me help you. 2 cats, it could have been 3 but the neighbor still feeds my old cat and he never comes home:) 1 inside dog- Zeus the French Bulldog (who is currently snoring beside me), 2 Labradors that live outside, and now Suzie who for the time is inside and outside, but it will wear quickly on my nerves and she will be joining Jet and Granddad outside soon! Oh and the fish, one which went belly up while were were on vacation.


Elizabeth said...

You know I am not a big animal person, so yes I think you are nuts. Next time my kids want to go to the zoo we will just come to your house. :-) She is really cute though.

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

I love dogs!

She is really cute :)

Kurt and Samantha said...

She is a cutie, but yes you are nuts!!

Cindy said...

I feel your pain girlfriend...we just got another bulldog, so that makes 4 dogs for us now! Liz thinks I'm crazy too, so don't feel bad! She's gorgeous & I couldn't resist either!