Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and an apron giveaway!

We have developed a new love of aprons here-mostly for Abby since I currently don't have an oh so cute one to wear, and also thanks to the wonderful Aunt M for making 2 of them for Abby.

So when Mama Kat announced an apron giveaway I was in. After all if Abby is gonna have a cute one shouldn't mommy?

Yesterday we decided to break in Abby's newest apron that she received over the weekend from Aunt M and make some cookies.

First I had to figure out what kind to make, then I quickly realized this would be easy when I found one of those jar mixes in my pantry that had been there for a questionable amount of time, I had what I needed to make them so it was a go.

Abby loved being my assistant and I loved having an excuse to use my new stand mixer

and since peanut butter chips weren't enough I had to add some chocolate for good measure so I cut up a Hershey bar and also threw in some Dove dark chocolate!!

Then you have to taste it to make sure they are acceptable.

and what's the point with being an assistant if you don't get to lick the beaters?

OK so they taste good now spoon them out onto the very well used baking stone

After a few minutes in the oven you will be rewarded with the yummy goodness of these,

let's just hope that I can control myself enough not to eat every last one!


Kurt and Samantha said...

Cute apron! The cookies look yummy.

Heather and Jason said...

I love her apron! Those cookies look yummy.

Elizabeth said...

Yummy, save me one!

Just The Girl said...


Mama Kat said...

Yummy!! A stand mixer is TOTALLY on my I Want list...they're just so dang expensive!