Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Alot of randomness

So I may ramble on a bit but bare with me I have a few different things going on in my head so I will just get them out in one no real point to it post!

Last week my big kid got his report card and give me just a minute to brag. It gives me great pleasure to know that even though I stayed home with him and he never once stepped into a preschool/daycare before entering Kindergarten last year that I didn't royally mess him up. He is so bright and doing great this year and I just have to admit that I am proud to say he gets it from me:)

do you see those awesome grades? E=A S=B not sure why they just don't put that on there since he gets real grades on tests and class work. He got an award for his all E's for the 4th six week and we helped him buy a DS game since after all we are NOT above bribery in this house.

Next thing-Wanna free Quizno? ya know you love them with all their yummy baked sandwich goodiness. Click and fill out the info they will email you a coupon to print out. I did it yesterday so I can vouch for it.

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Over the weekend we went to a fun and John Deere green birthday party that was complete with a hay ride

The things a girl does to look good

Abby and her beau (aka the birthday boy)

Seriously I didn't even bribe them for this oh so cute photo it was the first one I shot and couldn't believe they were both smiling in a noncheesy way and both actually looking at the camera.

Mommy and her party girl on the hay ride


jenn said...

Hooray for the good grades! I don't think that preschool makes that much difference. (Not that I have the experience to say anything yet.) I think it can be good, and obviously Shiloh will be in one, but I think staying home can be just as good, education-wise, if the parents teach them. That's the difference. So congrats to you too. You've obviously done a good job. :)

Love the bathtub picture. Too cute. Is her hair in curlers? I couldn't tell on this crappy computer monitor.

Bad Mommy said...

Dude, you look cold. And seriously, quit braggin' about the Quiznos. ;)

Elizabeth said...

Way too go Wyatt!
Abby with her curlers in the bathtub cracks me up. That is the cutest picture of the 2 of them!

tessnco said...

joy, i love the photo's of miss abby and her curlers!
i read the blog earlier this morning and i was thinking about putting madeline in curlers, but it didn't seem right. 2 cups of coffee later i realized why... madeline already has curly hair!! coffee is certainly an important part of my day.
hope you're well!