Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CVS greatness

So I know I told you I would report on my love for the CVS deals and try to explain the workings of it to the best of my abilities. So here ya go

So what you need to do first is go to their website here and get an Extra Care card. This will earn you coupons that can be printed in the store and more importantly will earn you Extra Care Bucks. You can also pick one up in your local store.

What are Extra Care Bucks you ask? Well they are basically like cash, cash to be used on you next purchase which could be the same day if you wanted or up until the date they expire which is usually at least a couple of weeks. The Extra Care Bucks will be printed out on the bottom of your receipt when you purchase items that are eligible. Make sure you don't loose them because I am not sure if they can be replaced. I keep mine in the back of my coupon binder.

So here is a few examples of the CVS goodiness:

This is from a few weeks ago.
I bought 2 Clairol hair colors (cause I color my own hair didn't you know this) anyways they were on sale for 5.99 I had a coupon $5 off of 2 and CVS was giving $2 in ECB so basically I got 2 things of hair color for $4.98!

on that same day I bought 11 Hannah Montana guitar suckers @.10/pc, some shaving cream and some gum.

I turned in a $3 ECB from a previous purchase, used the $5 hair color coupon and a $5 coupon I had printed there that day in the store. I got all these items for $3.67 with tax but if you take into consideration the $2 ECB I got at the bottom of my receipt it only cost $1.67!!!!!

So onto last weeks trip:
They had Cokes on sale $3.50/pc but if you bought $20 you got $10 ECB so of course I did this. Plus a coupon I redeemed for a Bogo free, I got 6 12pks of cokes for $7.50 or $1.25/pc. -side note if you drink alot of cokes in your house and buy lots of 12pks save the Coke reward codes and enter them into their website to earn things, my BOGO free coupon cost me 200pts. But I also just redeemed points for a hotel stay this weekend, 157 pts saved us $11. But if you don't want to save them I will gladly take them off your hands:) wyattabbymom at gmail dot com

Colgate toothpaste: $2.99/pc but they were giving 2.99/pc in ECB which made them free BUT I had coupons for $1 off each so basically I was paid $2 to buy Colgate toothpaste.

Suave: If you bought $6 you got $2 ECB and I had 1 coupon so I got 2 body washes and 1 shampoo for $3.50

I ended the shopping trip with $26.98 in ECB to use on future trips.

and for this weeks trip:
This week was a bit of a slow week so if you looked hang in there I promise it does get better. I went anyways cause there were a couple things I had on my list. I got 2 cans of soup (BOGO), box of Triscuits (they were bogo but only had one box so he gave it to me 1/2 price), a dog bed (5.99)-I will be taking the $16.99 one back to Target, mouthwash (free with a CVS coupon I printed in the store), All detergent (4.99). With my coupons and the ECB I turned in I paid .86 out of my pocket

The great thing about this is you can use coupons on items which some of the time will make them free or even better make you money, they will not pay you money but it comes off your total bill that you owe.

Wanna get some more info from the real experts on the subject? Check out these ladies:
you can thank her for your free Quizno BTW

These sites give you all kinds of info on freebies and good deals not just groceries


Smoochiefrog said...

I love me some CVS. It's almost addicting. :)

I'm stopping by via Sasha.

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Tabi said...

So, a dog had me up at 4 barking it's head off (not my dog)this morning and I came by your blog, and you gave me something do!! Thanks and I am on a quest to figure this out!

Elizabeth said...

Gee whiz, why dont you just do my shopping for me. I could save alot of money if I just took the time to figure coupons and store savings cards out.

Bad Mommy said...

WAY too complicated for my pea brain. And I'm a brand snob. :P