Monday, February 16, 2009

My Inner Savy Shopper is Coming Out!

So let's face it the economy sucks right now and if your like us and many others out there going to the grocery and dropping over $100 and leaving with not a whole lot to show for it really sucks-right?

So here is my new plan well it's not so new just improved. I have been a coupon clipper for a while now but while watching Good Morning America the other day I saw them talking about these two moms at BeCentsAble who started this website and now host shows at $25/person showing how to save the most money and get the best bang for your buck at the store. So of course I had to jump on the computer and check it out.

While browsing thru their website I found a couple other sites I really liked and they had all kinds of tips and tricks. So of course I love you guys so much I have to share and hopefully help you save a buck or two the next time you are at the grocery. I am still very new so I am sure the more I look into the sites the better I will get at this savings thing.

First I go to (I LOVE this store and only shop there or CVS) they have their sale flyer online and you can put a circle around the items you want and it makes a list for you, you can also add to your list on their site and then I print it off.

Then I go to Southern Savers click on the Publix link and she will list all the deals that are in the sale flyer but here's the kicker she also list any coupons that have either been in previous coupon mailers or online ones you can go print for free. After printing any she has listed I go thru my stock of coupons and match them up with what I need. They also list tons more great tips than I could put here so check the website out. Check out the "Getting Started Guides"

If there are things I am getting that weren't on the sale list I then go thru a couple sites and do a quick search for a coupon: hotcoupon, swaggrabber, and afullcup are the main ones I check. Southern Savers list some places to check out also.

Then I make a note beside my items that I have a coupon for.

It also pays to know your stores coupon policy-I found and printed out the Publix one and discovered they take competitor coupons (Kroger,food lion, no drug stores) I knew they doubled coupons already (up to $.50), and I also knew on their BOGO free items they only charge half price for each item so you can use 2 coupons when getting bogo stuff-or if your like me I will usually stock up on this type of stuff so you can match the number of coupons to the number of items.

Here's a tip when printing online coupons-keep the screen up after hitting print then once it has printed hit your "back button" and it will start printing again-Yep more than one for those BOGO items.

Also you don't have to stick to the name brand items store brands are usually just as good-usually. There are some things I am hard core name brand like Cokes but I only buy them when they are on sale and I have a big ol stash in my garage. But for instance at Publix Eggo brand waffles are 2/$4 but the store brand ones are $1.89-cheaper unless you have a Eggo coupon and I looked and there were none to be found, BUT I did have a coupon for Food Lion brand waffles and guess what?? You can use Food Lion brand coupons on Publix brand items! So I got 2 boxes for $2.78-and trust me I have 2 picky kids they taste the same. I also had a Food Lion coupon for a bakery item and I used it on a not so much needed but yummy item-Cranberry Walnut bread.

So yesterday was my first time using my new and improved method of grocery shopping. Here's how I did and I had a receipt 2 feet long to prove it:) not really but it was long:

I bought almost 50 items and only spent $71.80 and that is with that impulse bakery item and a rotisserie chicken for tonight's dinner. Now this doesn't include meat because I don't buy red meat (burger, steaks, roasts) because we eat deer and the freezer is full of it:)

I handed over 22 coupons so yes there were things I didn't have a coupon for-milk, eggs,seasonings but pretty much every items was on sale. My coupons were worth $21.50 The Advertised Special Savings (bogo items, 2for deals, etc) were $48 for a total of $69.50 in savings yesterday-WOOHOOO.

Check back and I will be sharing my Love of CVS at a later time-here are a few words to tied you over til then: Extra Care Bucks = cheap or FREE!


JamYoung said...

Hey girl! I've been doing this too and last weekend I saved 52.00$ on my grocery bill. It felt exhilirating!!!

Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

My only question is this? TIME? Is it worth the time? My sister used to travel all over town and spending gas and extra time yada yada..??

Heather and Jason said...

Thats an insane amount of money to save! I may have to try it.

Tonya said...

I've been doing this too. :-)

Great post! I am still learning, but getting better!

Just The Girl said...

Thats awesome! I am going to look into it now!

Solei said...

HaHa!!! I LUV it! That's an awesome deal & a heck of a savings!( I just wish I had a Publix around here!)
But I do love me CVS... Did you go get your free toothpaste already? Plus, if you have a coupon, you'd actually be getting some $ back (the amount of the coupon) In other words, get PAID to buy it!

And let me just say AWWWWW! Thanks for thinking of me. I have a lot of catching up to do...

Anonymous said...

Hey..where did you find the coupon policy? I can't find it. Mindy Estes

jenn said...

Wow. I'm impressed. I guess I need to check it out. I'm so tired of my grocery bill. It's insane and I need to spend more carefully. Thanks for the tips.