Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Getaway

Well this past weekend we headed back to Jackson, TN. Luckily the weather cooperated more this year than it did last year. We were prepared for the worse this year though and took lots of extra warm clothes just in case.

We went down for another hunt test for our dog, but this time it was Suzie. Who technically is Wyatt's dog. She ended up doing a fantastic job and passed her tests on both Saturday and Sunday.

Gotta give a shoutout to a bloggy friend for fixing this picture for me. She was able to green up the grass and take multiple things out of the background that I didn't want in the picture. She did a fantastic job.

The kids had a blast getting to see all the other dogs and even got to get in on the action a little with a Junior Handler test. We had also taken Jet so the kids ran her in their tests. They were extactic to get trophies for job well done.

They also had a little fun test on Saturday for fastest dog and we knew Jet was fast and this test was just up her alley. On top of that she had been locked up most of the day and had all kinds of pent up energy. She blew the other dogs away and only 1 was close to her but was over a second behind.

On Sunday morning they had a little waiting time during a part of the test and Abby was out there talking about wanting to have a dog when she gets bigger. Another guy heard and offered up one his dog for her to run thru a test. She just loved it and was so cute. When handing out ribbons after the test she was surprised by the judges with her own ribbon.

and I just to include this one cause dang she's cute

she got lots of compliments on her blue flower boots!

We had a great time even pushed thru our illnesses. Oh I didn't mention the illnesses? oh it was such a great week last week having Wyatt home from school four days hacking and running a fever. So great infact the little germ even infected both me and Abby. We were down pretty bad on Thursday and Friday but had started to rebound by Saturday. We are all 3 still coughing away like a chain smoker but hopefully that will get the heck out of here sooner rather than later since baseball practice starts this week!!

Yep baseball is about to start up again and we will be busy as ever with both of them playing. This means multiple practices a week and games. But I am excited to get the seasons going. Plus I can NOT wait to see Abby out there playing, she tried on her baseball pants the other day and omg is all I can say, just wait trust me there will be plenty of pics.


Kurt and Samantha said...

Glad this time went better than last!! Hope you all are better soon