Thursday, March 18, 2010

Something for nothing

Everybody knows the saying "The Cheaper the Better" but how about "The Cheaper the Better, but Free is Fantastic"

It's no secret I love me a good deal and I seek out good deals all the time. I have become a coupon guru and can't wait to see my savings at the bottom of my Publix receipt.

But I am talking about FREE today, as in you pay nothing, zilch, zero! I love free samples of things and it makes my day to go out to my mailbox and there be something good in there cause lets face it all those bills get old.

here is a pic of just what has come in the past few days!

there is:
Crest white strips (2 of them)
Gold Bond hand sanitizer
Nicorete (yep hate to admit it but hubby has a small nicotine habit we r trying to break, and this wasn't the first sample of this he already chewed the other box)
Kashi Heart to Heart cereal
Colgate Pro clinical
Burts toothpaste
Axe shower gel (OMG this stuff smells awesome)
Pantene shampoo-notice this is a FULL size bottle
Olay body wash

when I check the mail and Wyatt sees a box he says "what did you get for free today?" because they come that often.

There are tons of others that I have already used. I got coupons for a free box of Oreo cakesters and a coupon for a free Digiorno 200 calorie pizza. There has also been rolls of toilet paper, and yesterday I printed a couple of coupons for free cheese, and seeing as how Abby usually eats cheese in some form everyday this one is gonna come in handy!

I also got all of my Christmas cards for Free 50 photo cards to be exact

and Abby's birthday invites

Here are a few websites that will get you free things:
Vocal Point
I get free things all the time from them-that Pantene shampoo came from there, and yesterday I signed up for some Puffs tissues

And this one is where I got the Digiorno coupon and the Oreo Cakester coupon. I should have a coupon for Philadelphia cream cheese coming also.
Kraft First Taste

And these are a few of my favorite "frugal" sites, these ladies are the ones who usually clue me into the deals.
Sheri at SwagGrabber-my fav and most frequented
Southern Savers she does alot of grocery deals
4Hats is a girl I chat with some online she just posted today how she got FREE baby furniture! now that is a deal

And have any of you signed up for SwagBucks? it is a great thing you just use them for your search just like you would Google but it will earn you points and those points will earn you things like gift cards to your favorite store. There are lots of other fun ways to earn points this is just the easiest and requires little work. I currently have 3 Amazon cards and am almost to a fourth I am looking to get a laptop bag, which will end up being free using my GC I earned from Swagbucks.

So there ya go, get out there and get some free stuff!


Mama Kat said...

Ooooh look at you raking in the good deals!! Thanks for all the links. :)

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Cool...thank you!

Out On A Limb said...

Wow. Look at all that free goodness. Thanks for sharing all the great links with us!

Out On A Limb said...

Urg. That last comment was Angie from Seven Clown Circus

Wife said...

I think I am far too lazy for free stuff. Nice haul! ;)

T~T said...

alright now - look at you!! I have signed up for some freebies too! I like it - love the coupons that come with the free product even more!!