Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring means baseball

Baseball season is gonna keep us busy this spring with both of them playing. Just this week in a span of 7 days we have some sort of baseball thing 5 days. 2 practices, 1 scrimmage and 3 games! yep we are living at the ballfield. But I have to admit it is fun, well for now at least, ask me around mid May when I am so tired and my head hurts from trying to keep up with their schedules.

Abby had her first game last night and let me tell ya it was fun and interesting. 13 four year olds in a dugout and on a field can get a little hairy. At one point at the end of the game I am pretty sure all the outfield were laying on the ground or playing in the dirt:)

Abby did great, she had two really good hits and ran fast! She was paying attention and stopping balls although once she wasn't quite sure what to do with it once she got it:)

Assigned seating is a must in a dugout of 4yr olds or 7yr olds for that matter, we learned this a long time ago. Now getting them to read their names and stay in their seats is another thing.

Ready to go hit

Big Hitter!

My little second baseman, yep that's right a girl playing in the infield infact both of the girls are playing in the infield and give those boys a run for their money.

We have 2 games on Saturday let hope the rain holds off.


Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

My little girl starts tonight :)

Cindy said...

Can she hold her head up with that big ol' helmet?? That is sooo cute!!

jenn said...

How fun! I wanted to sign Shiloh up for baseball this season (and she wanted to play), but I'm in school on Tuesday and Thursday evenings right now. So we just couldn't do it. Maybe next year...

Kurt and Samantha said...

Good job Abby, keep playing hard!