Thursday, March 11, 2010

Writer's Workshop-it's starting to look alot like spring around here

Wow it's been a long time since I have gotten in on a Writer's Workshop with Kat but this week I couldn't resist #5

5.) Share some photos and stories as well as what you love about spring.

See it is really starting to feel like Spring around here. The weather has been warm for days, I am scared to write this because I know it is sure to jinx it all and bring on a terrible cold snap.

Spring around here means lots of things will be happening, no more cabin fever!

There are many favorite things about the warm weather, but almost everyday we will be spending time in the garden. It is a definite obsession, mainly on the hubs parts he pours lots of hours into that thing. I do love digging in the dirt and going out to my backyard and picking something to cook for dinner, I mean seriously you can NOT get any fresher than that.

Monday my dad came down with his tractor and broke up the garden. Shane was out there that evening planting:) we now have onions, lettuce and peas with tons more to come.

After my dad was done, he took Abby for a ride around the yard.

And what little girl could resist a dig in the fresh dirt?

notice the shorts and tshirt? aren't those of you in the still frozen north jealous?:)

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2 comments: said...

Um...Yes! Me, up here in Minnesota...JeAlOuS! We are down to a sweatshirt for me, light jacket for the toddler, but still a snow suit fot the baby. But the sun was out today!
Have fun garden planning!

Mama Kat said...

Totally jealous! And I love her sunglasses! Ha, so cute!