Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So Christmas is Over

and my house is finally starting to resemble a house again! It took many hours to get their rooms back to a semi normal state of where you can actually walk in there but I finally did find a place for it all.

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We went to Shane's aunt and uncles on xmas eve. There were some extra family members this year and it was great, lots of loud kids running around and lots of pics were taken.

Almost all the Great Grandkids with Granddad this was the first Christmas without Nano, missing are Shane's sister's 2 boys

Shane left a few minutes before us so that he could run by his moms house on the way home and pick up the gifts we had stashed there. He got home, promptly hid them and sent me the all clear text. I picked up the pace and we got on home so that we could get going on Christmas eve fun.

First we fed the reindeer

then were hurried in to track Santa with Norad

we all got new xmas jammies, every year this is the only gift they get to open on Christmas eve.

Shane read some Christmas stories that of course ended with The Night Before Christmas.

Cookies and milk were left out for Santa and a cookie for Jingles and off to bed for them. Threats of do NOT get out of your bed until we wake you were made.

We waited a few minutes for them to be all snug in their beds and then the elves scurried around trying to prepare for the awesomeness that they would find when they awoke the next morning. Unfortunately for us threats weren't taken seriously and we were seriously close to being busted. Wyatt woke up and luckily Shane heard him just as he was unlocking his door (yes I locked them in their rooms, don't judge!) and he ran back to intercept him just in time. He said he thought it was morning, it was only 10:30! THANKFULLY we had not sat his big gift by the tree yet and everything was still in the kitchen, the stockings were down and we had already disposed of Santa's cookies but we don't think he noticed, at least he didn't say anything. So Shane decided it was best if he sat lookout while I the lone elf finished everything. Which actually meant he would sit in his chair and watch Christmas Vacation, which just happens to be the best Christmas movie ever!

Not sure what time we finally made it to bed but I do know it was late. we vow every year we will have the stuff ready so we don't have so much to do that night but every year we are up til the wee hours trying to finish it all.

We woke up super early because I was scared they would wake up without us and come out of their rooms. They were surprisingly easy to wake!

Santa had come!!

more to come later


Kurt and Samantha said...

Oh gosh, that was close. I have often wondered how parents do it without waking their kids. It looks like they had a great Christmas and the pj's were so cute!

Elizabeth said...

Yeah hes to the age where you will probably have to "explain" things soon. :-( Did you brave the frigid temp on Christmas so they could ride their Santa gifts? I know they love them.