Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall = pumpkin fun

So like I said yesterday we went to the pumpkin patch over the weekend. Of course that meant picking out the perfect pumpkin-not.

See after spending the $$ to get in then of course having to buy snacks and treats at the PP the costly small pumpkin just didn't seem like a great idea when we were heading to Publix right after to get stuff for the bon fire.

So we explained the situation to the kids as to alleviate any tantrums on the way out and to avoid drawing attention to us as we walked away pumpkinless.

Monday was a gorgeous day and since there is a chance of rain in our near future we decided to do the carving. Once we finally decided on a picture for it, it was all hands on deck.

First you must scoop the yuck out, well after daddy cuts the top off.

Then you tape on your design and start poking the outline, this is alot harder than it looks and took all four of us!

Then daddy steps in again and carves out the picture, with a little supervision from Abby-Of Course!

And after all that hard work you get a great looking and not so spooky pumpkin.

I'm jumping in on Creepy, Crawly Crafts with Mayhem and Moxie maybe it this will win me a Flip Camera!

I am on a roll this week so make sure to scroll on down to my post from yesterday.


Mindy said...

Looks great!! I got the kids some pumpkins but we haven't even began to decide what to carve them into. lol

Elizabeth said...

I love how Abby is sticking her hands in to get the guts out while Wyatt uses the spoon. :-)
Cool pumpkin!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh! It looks so good! You did a great job!