Thursday, March 19, 2009

Writer's Workshop Thursday

Ok so here's the deal: Go to Mama Kat's get your assignment and turn it into her and the rest of the bloggy world.

I chose #2 Ten Things I can do in Three Minutes. I wasn't sure if she meant all the things together in three minutes or 10 separate things so I chose the separate cause the first seems to hard.

Unload and load the dishes even though this is one of my least favorite things to do.

Wake the sleeping beast that is my son, make his breakfast and the hubs and finish Wyatt's lunch for the day.

Sort and start some laundry another not favorite

start the bath and make Wyatt wash the stinking boy smell off before bed

Change a diaper and get paid for it-no not my kid the girl I watch:)

play ring around the rosie enough times to get VERY dizzy which isn't hard BTW

make lunch for 2 kiddos and myself

feed the dog

read and comment on a couple blogs

check my emails

I also liked #1 I Use to Think....

I use to think getting older would be so fun, um yea I was wrong. It was so much funner having zero responsibilities. Bills, kids to feed, dogs to feed, car rider line, changing diapers, no money, BILLS, sick kids to take care of......

I use to think 30 was OLD now I am 30 and feel ok and only a little old

I use to think I I would grow up and marry a prince, wow I got one right

I use to think how much I would LOVE to be a mom-oh another one right I am on a roll

I use to think staying up late was the thing to do, um yea no I live for bedtime 10pm!

I use to think I would NEVER drive a mini van, then I had baby #2 and found out soon that I love my mini!

I use to think life was going so slow and I would never grow up and be on my own and be able to have fun. No it all seems to be going to fast and I am trying to have all the fun I can have and enjoy it all.

I use to think I had to go to college to be somebody, but after a few yrs of college and not finishing because life got in the way I have found even though I don't have that little piece of paper I am somebody and I don't need no stinking piece of paper to be a good mommy!

I know there is more but that's all I can get out of this brain right now


angie said...

We have a VERY similar list! :)

Natalie said...

Love the list! And I love the ways you use to think. Now that I turn 30 this year, it doesn't seem quite so old.
And I still think life somehow started moving faster. It seems like only yesterday my kids were babies.

Carrin said...

I used to think 30 was old too. Now that I'm in my 30's, I think the 20's have a lot to learn!

Kurt and Samantha said...

I have always heard that your 30's are the best years of your life-enjoy!

jenn said...

Great list. Now I wish I had participated. My mind was blank when I was trying to do this, so I skipped it this week.

Okay, have to stop reading blogs and work out now.

(And isn't it funny how thirty used to be old? Haha. I'm not quite there yet, but only a year and a half away.)