Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm working on it, I promise

Ok so I promised a post and I am working on it. It is just I have had my hands full with the kiddos and that throws my whole morning blogging routine off. I just uploaded 146 pics to my computer from my camera-Oh yea I am crazy with that thing.

So until I can get the big post done here is a little something.

We have some good friends who got married in Nov. they had a small ceremony so no one was invited. This weekend they had a little get together at their house.

just look at her cuteness

Oh and just to prove my children never seem to grow Abby wore this same outfit when she was 12mths old-all I did was move the buttons on the top and the pants were capris instead.

wanna see?

Then today we got all crafty and decorated an Easter tree-oh yea an Easter tree.

She's so proud

Don't you just love the bunny-I did that and yes I am proud! and did you noticed it started indoors but finished outdoors? That's because glitter was involved and I am NOT about to have a pound of tiny glitter poured all over my new wood floor-they are pretty without being sparkly.


Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

Love the outfit... x2! You don't want sparkly floors??

Tabi said...

Love LOVE the outfit! I am jealous that you get see it on her two years in a row! My two year old is literally already the size of most 4 year olds! We went to the dr this week and there was a 6 year old in there and she was literally only 3 inches taller than my 2 year old! It was crazy!

jenn said...

Cute outfit. I'm jealous that she can wear it so long. Shiloh is outgrowing everything.

I love that Easter tree. Where did you get it?

Elizabeth said...

I am cracking up that outfit still fits her! I am so glad she can still wear it. She still looks adorable in it.

Kurt and Samantha said...

Glad that cute outfit gets more use! It just kills me that they only get to wear some things just a few times before they outgrow them.