Monday, May 5, 2008

The Nationals go undefeated!

We had a makeup game on Friday night but then our Sat. morning game was rained out. Our Friday night game was awesome we pulled out another win and so now the Nationals are 4-0! Shane is so excited and the kids are having a blast. He mentioned more than once after Friday nights game that it was one of the funnest games yet. We have a 7 run per inning rule and after we scored 7 in the first, then held them to 3, then scored 7 again they couldn't catch us. So Shane started mixing up the players letting them play many different positions so all of the outfield came to the infield and really got to make alot of plays. The best of the night and possibly of the season would have to be when one of the little girls stopped the ball and was doing just what coach had told her to do if she got the ball which was run to 2nd and get the out. She was running so fast and was gonna make the out when her hat blew off her head she stopped in her tracks turned around and ran for it, therefor missing making the out. Everyone in the stands erupted in laughter, it was great and reminds us once more they are only 5 and as long as they are having fun that is really all that matters.

Here are a few pics from the night

Check out that swing

And that lead off, just like coach taught him

A look of innocence

And missing a shoe

Be sure to check in tomorrow for a very special post. Just a hint: It is a special day for both Shane and I. I will admit to stealing the idea from a great friend.