Monday, May 26, 2008

So much to talk about

Well after a long hard week I have returned to the Internet world, much to Shane's dismay. My computer died on me and after a couple days at the computer guy he told me I needed a new hard drive.

There has been lots going on in the Stokes house. We will start with of course baseball. We won our game last weekend and had this weekend off. So now we stand at 5-0-1 which puts us in 2nd place out of 14 5yr old teams. We have 3 games left and they will be tough ones but I think our guys and girls are ready for it, then we have the playoffs.

Here is a pic of Wyatt with his game ball from last Saturday he had an awesome game, made all 3 outs in one inning and made a couple more during the game. He got some great hits also.

Next more about Wyatt he is officially no longer a Kindergartner and is now a 1st Grader!! The past two weeks have really been relaxed with lots of fun times had at school. He went for his last day Fri and will just go to pick his report card up Wed. I am sure I will shed some tears. To think I was so afraid to send him and now I am so sad that it is over. I really enjoyed his teacher and felt she was a great influence on him during the past 9 months. It was hard to turn him over to another woman since I had always been with him from the start. I was so glad she really fell for Wyatt and really enjoyed having him in her class. Last week they held an awards ceremony and Wyatt received 2 medals both believe it or not for great behavior!! One was No Marks, and the other was Citizen of the Year (which is the top award for the class). Yes I couldn't believe it either, I joke and tell her she needs to share her secrets with me on getting him to be a perfect angel. I will definitely miss her and her aide next year.

Here is Wyatt with his medals

My cute family at Wyatt's award ceremony

We had a nice long weekend and spent most of it outside in the gorgeous weather. We got the kids a big pool to play in, Shane and dad built a cover thing for his boat & we had my dad and Shane's mom over for dinner last night. We awoke this morning to a hose spraying water from under our kitchen sink not sure how long it had been spraying but there was lots of water, luckily my hubs is handy and is in there fixing it right now, then we spent most of the day outside before the rain started and then the kids played on the Wii.

Running with the Wii

Here is just a pic of Abby at Wyatt's school water day where the fire department comes and sprays the kids with the fire hose. She is really gonna miss school also she loves getting to go to class and play with the big kids I have been lucky his teacher loved having her there.


Elizabeth said...

Cute pictures! That picture of Abby playing the Wii is hilarious, all of that hair. Surely she holds like a world record for a 2 year old with the longest hair.