Monday, August 2, 2010

Berry picking and other radomness

I know I have mentioned our blueberry bushes before and how much we love them, but this summer we have a serious overabundance of them. The kids actually enjoy picking them, well enjoy may be a stretch but they will do it. I just tell them they eat them so they need to pick them.

The other day Abby actually willingly went out to pick them and I couldn't help but snap a pic, she was hilarious looking.

don't you love how she is rocking the hat and pink boots?

We have eaten our weight in blueberries this summer mainly in pies or pancakes but I am still putting them up in the freezer. Yesterday Shane mentioned making jelly so I decided to try my hand at it and OMG let me tell ya it is so good. It was so easy I would like to make some more and give it out and make everyone believe I have slaved over this jelly when really the hardest part of it was not burning my hand while tightening the lid, which is exactly why I had my manly hubby to do it for me:) oh and if you like blueberries and want a fantastic pie or jelly recipe let me know I promise you won't regret it.

PS It is freaking HOT here, I try to not leave the comfort my AC during the hours of 8am and 6pm. My inside dog can not be out for more than 30seconds without having a heat stroke, he is content to lay on the kitchen floor all day without moving.

This face doesn't dig the heat

PPS The boy will find out who his teacher is on Wednesday and it is Back To SCHOOL on Monday! can I get a woohoo j/k, sorta. I do feel bad that his summer vacation is already over but I think deep down he is bored and ready to go back.

PPPS he finally lost another tooth after over a year of not loosing one and let me tell you the tooth fairy has lost her freaking mind she leaves him $5! wth where was my $5 per tooth? unfortunately his teeth tend to fall out in pairs and another is loose so it is only a matter of time before that crazy fairy is scraping up some money in the middle of the night so as not to disappoint the toothless boy.


Elizabeth said...

The outfit cracks me up. Girl is rockin her own style. My parents have tons of blackberries at the their house. Chuck and the boys love them. Me, not so much.

Kurt and Samantha said...

She is rocking those boots well!! Those pies and jelly sound delish, I will have to sample them when I come back into town haha