Tuesday, August 24, 2010

She asked for it, so here ya go

Not sure if any of you read the comments that are left, but if you do you may have read one from my friend mentioning needing a snake post. Well here ya go Liz

So over the past few weeks I have been wanting to make over our front bathroom aka the kids bathroom. More on that later, but the reason I mention this is I do believe this was the root of the problem. The problem being the home invader I walked in on last week. Yes you heard me right not someone but something had come in my home uninvited!

The morning started like any other-the alarm going off way to early, getting the boy fed and ready for school. Then off on the morning school run (oh the joys of car rider line). Pick up the little girl I keep on my way home. We arrive home it is cloudy and yucky outside so the house is pretty dark. I make my way into the living room I notice something in the hall, but seeing as this house is overrun with kid junk at first I chalk it up to a toy, but then I think "hey her toy snake isn't that big" I walk over and click the hall light on and OMFG there it lays, a snake! Being the girl that I am I screech:) not that I am afraid of snakes so much, I just believe they do NOT belong in my house. I yell at Abby for her and L to stay in the kitchen she climbs on a chair:) I am a bit panicky as to how I am gonna get this thing out, so being the resourceful woman I am I grab my trusty kitchen tongs and go back, but wait it is gone OMG. I move the vacuum there it is. I pick it up then make my way to the front door, struggle to get it open cause of course it can't be that easy I drop it, I freak some more, then finally I get it open and toss it on the front porch and the stupid thing tries to get back in the house!

teehee yes it is a baby snake but still it was in my house!

that is the step to the front door, he is trying to make his way back in!

my neighbor across the street must have thought I had lost my mind cause Abby and I were out there and I was snapping pictures of something, what he didn't know. It kinda freaked me out when I was trying to get it away from the front door and the thing started shaking it's tail like a rattlesnake would, yea I knew it was not one but at the time I had no clue what kind it was. I was laughing so hard and screaming he yelled "are you ok?" "yep just a snake in my house all is good"

Immediately I called my dad cause that is what you do when you are alone at home and have just found and unidentified snake in your hallway. Afterall he was only 1 1/2 hrs away surely had it been a poisonous one he would have come to my rescue and killed it (cause lord knows Shane wasn't coming he didn't even answer my text where I was screaming about a snake in the house). But luckily it was only a harmless king snake and NO I do NOT want to know where his brothers, sisters, Momma or especially Daddy are living! let's just say I will not be pulling the weeds in or around the front bushes anytime in the near future. Stop laughing Shane cause yes I do pull weeds. sometimes


Laurie said...

ha…thats funny. My family makes fun of me because I freak out about frogs but think I would be fine with a snake!!! I think I would have looked for something longer than kitchen tongs though. You are brave!!

Elizabeth said...

NO WAY!!! I would have died right there in the living room floor. I do NOT do snakes. And it does not look like a baby, it looks more like a teenager. I would never been able to pick it up, even with a 20 foot stick. OMG! I would have to move out until someone came in and checked all cracks and holes to be sure there are not more. Yuck!

Laurie said...

Hey Joy, I need your email??? I have a friend, Scott Baker's wife actually that I wanted to talk to you about. My email is if you don't mind emailing you and I will pass on some info she asked me to share and I thought of you first. It is about home childcare. Talk to you soon!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

We would have had to move.