Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Photo session

So it only took about half my camera card but I did manage to get a few good shots this year. I will admit it was not nearly as painful as it has been in the past.

Last summer we didn't do it alone, we were crazy & added two more kids into the mix while on vacation with SIL's family and that about cause more than one adult to loose their cool. So this year it HAD to go smoothly or else.

A while back a blogger friend had hosted a pillowcase dress giveaway and amazingly I won. After her move and me finally getting her Abby's measurements I got the dress just in time for the beach. It was SO cute and I loved it, I added an A to the front and it just finished it off. If you are in the market for a super cute dress hop over to see Tabi and she can help you out.

Now onto what we have been waiting for

A little then and now of the birthday boy, whom has really been milking the whole birthday celebrating. After all is said and done he will have gotten to "celebrate" 4 separate times!


and now

can't believe he turned 8 and very soon will be a 3rd grader

They may lead you to believe they like each other

My two favorite guys

Me and my baby girl

Me and the Hubs

and finally a actual good shot of the entire family


Kurt and Samantha said...

your pics turned out so good, makes me want to go back so bad, Wyatt had turned into a handsome little man, I can still remember him as a baby with all of that hair.

Heather said...

Great pics, Joy! You have such a lovely family. I love that pic of tiny Wyatt! :)

Elizabeth said...

They are all so good! Love the one of the kids, its perfect. It really does make you think they adore each other.

Tallymomma said...

Love the new beach pics, so sweet :) It really does take 100 pics to get a few great ones!

angie said...

The beaches on the east coast are amazing. At least, I think that's where you are, right? That dress is adorable. Happy Birthday to your handsome son!

Too Much Good said...

Hi Joy! Just came over from Southern Mamas and love the sweet pictures of your family on the beach!