Monday, August 30, 2010

Music Monday

I am jumping in with Shelly again on her Music Monday

I heard this song for the first time the other day and I fell in love with it. George Strait is my all time favorite singer. I love this guy, Shane says he's old enough to be my father but I think it is just cause he's jealous:) I have been a fan since way back. I am a country girl and although my days of wearing Wranglers and boots have long since passed I still have a spot in my heart for a man in Wranglers, boots and a hat. That's right folks, my jean wardrobe use to consist entirely of Wranglers:)

I have seen him in concert more than once, he was part of my bachelorette party and when Wyatt was a baby a couple girlfriends surprised me with tickets to go see him and OMG they were great tickets, I even got to shake his hand! There were other times but these were the best and since I have seen him so many times hubby will not take me to see him when he comes to Nashville this September:( it's ok I will eventually forgive him.

George Strait "The Breath you Take"


Little Mochi said...

What a terrific song... got a little misty eyed ~ one of the reasons I listen to Country music in doses...

Haupi said...

What a beautiful song. Thanks for visiting my blog and saying hello. I'm your newest follower.

Who knew that I'd love country. Smiles


Elizabeth said...

I have been meaning to ask you if you had heard this. I LOVE it!!

Run DMT said...

What a sweet pick! :-)