Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wordful Wednesday-the new mini

yes I know it is late but it is still Wednesday

Remember this post? Crappy driver

Well it was made official a few days later that my van was totaled. Which made me sad but happy, I didn't want it to be fixed cause I knew it would never be right again but I liked my mini and didn't really want to have to look for a new car. Car shopping is not fun unless you have an endless supply of cash and um yea we do NOT have an endless supply on hand.

But we did happen upon a good one and lucked up that it lived just down the road from us and was no longer needed and had been booted to the street since there was no room for it in the driveway.

So welcome my new to me mini. Yes it is a sad day when I get excited about getting a new mini van. Who have I become??

yes I know it looks alot like the other one, I told you I liked my mini. It is a newer one and has the nicer interior, I can't wait for winter to try out my heated leather seats:) hubby's suv has them and I LURVE them on those bitterly cold days.

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Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Yea...a new car!

Anonymous said...

yeah...I new van...I LURVE them too :) How are you Joy long time no see :) -- Mindy Estes

Anonymous said...

Yea...a new van!!...I LURVE mine too!! :) How are you Joy..long time no talk to or see :) -- Mindy Estes