Sunday, May 2, 2010

Good thing they found the Ark!

Didn't I hear the other day that Noah's Ark had been found? Well you think they can make it hear with it? Cause I am pretty sure we are all gonna float away.

We have gotten something like 13+ inches of rain in 2 days, an all time high. And let me tell you it's not going well. Yesterday there were cars floating down the interstate like boats and even a portable classroom from an elementary school came loose and floated down the interstate before hitting a bridge and breaking apart.

Not sure what the extent of the damage to Middle TN will be but it is devastating. I stumbled upon this blog from another blog I read and she has tons of pictures, even the portable classroom floating down the interstate. Go check her out here

The highway here is under water, houses are under water, cars are under water it is nasty. Schools are closed in all the counties around tomorrow.

See all that water? Yea it's not suppose to be there.

But you gotta make do and with what you get and that is what we did today, the kids got out their four wheelers and had a blast riding thru the pond that use to be ours and our neighbor's back yard.

This is Wyatt's old four wheeler he got a new one recently so she got the hand me down, and let me tell ya she loves it. She has no fear and makes me a tiny bit nervous watching her, but what am I to do? she wants to do everything brother does.

But in all seriousness it is really bad, we haven't had any damage but many others have. There are thousands who have lost their homes and businesses and a few have lost their lives. Good thoughts for sunny skies are needed.


Beth McC. said...

Thanks for the comment! Its been a LONG day! Feel free to link up with my post!!
Thanks Again

Elizabeth said...

The video is hilarious. It looks like a midget riding a 4 wheeler because the helmet is so big.

McAngie said...

Wow, all we got were dead moles floating in our backyard. Darn.