Sunday, May 30, 2010

lots of bragging to do

Humor me, I have to brag a bit

Last week was awards day at Wyatt's school, he was picked by the PE coach out of all the second grade to get the PE award. I was was so proud of my little man.

We went and picked up his report card the other day so he is now officially a 3rd grader! and OMG that is kinda freaking me out a bit. See there are alot of changes for him, he will be on the "big kid" side of the school so that means he is one of the big kids! I am not ready for him to be one of the big kids.

We took a little trip this weekend to reward him on such a wonderful year at school (more on that later). He had fantastic grades and never ever got a behavior mark all year (in fact he has never gotten one all three years!) not sure what goes on there that makes him such an angel at school but I wish they would let me in on the trick.

Now onto the next topic-Baseball, but more precisely the dominant 4yr old Diamondbacks!

this one just happens to be my favorite Diamondback

We played the final regular season game last weekend and ended up in 1st place!! Tuesday will be their first game in the tournaments since they didn't have to play in the first round. If we win we will play Thursday and if we win that we will be in the championship game! Our little guys and girls are so cute out there I really hope they make it all the way! They LOVE it and have so much fun I hate for it to be over. Wyatt season is also almost over his tournament also start Tuesday night-get this @8:00! yep we will be in for an all nighter.

Tuesday officially starts summer vacation which means by Friday I will be wondering when school starts back:) I have tried to make lots of plans for them to keep them busy this summer and thus keep me from loosing my mind due to their boredom.

We have a few things going on with baseball, he has a nature camp for a week, she is going to VBS with a friend, and of course we have our annual beach trip-that is if BP doesn't ruin it for us and let me tell you I will be hostile if my beach trip gets messed up. BTW you all should be boycotting BP, do not buy their gas!


Kurt and Samantha said...

I know you are so proud of your "big" man!! That is awesome! We are still wondering if our vacation is going to be ruined as well!!