Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordful wednesday-One great hit

Last night the tournaments started for both of the kiddos and I am SO excited to say that they both won their games so they are still in it!

posing with brother's bat, it's huge and it was so funny to see her get up there swing it and hit it past second base. I was told that when she came up to bat with this one talks of "she a big hitter get ready" could be heard:) that just cracks me up cause she is so tiny and totally unassuming.

We had done some serious practicing in the yard on Monday and after seeing Abby play last night looks like it paid off. Her first hit was a good one, her last hit which was with brother's big bat was great but it is what happened in between that was awesome.

Abby got her first HOME RUN! and even better a grand slam! OMG talk about a momma that was about to go crazy, that was me. I was SOOO excited for her. She was too, she knew exactly what had happened and was so proud of herself.

After the game Shane handed out balls to all the team for a great game and saved Abby for last, he gave her the game ball. She was beside herself with excitement. She told everyone that would listen what she had done and that daddy had given her the "actual game ball":)

We were at the ballpark most of the night last night since she played at 5:30 and he played at 8:00 and looks like it will be an all nighter again tonight. Wyatt plays at 5:30 and then we are staying to watch his best friend play at 8:00. Man I hope Wyatt's team wins tonight they played so great last night and were so due a great win.

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cfoxes33 said...

Yay! Good luck to the players!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

She is way too cute.....

Tara said...

She is just adorable!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like you have two all-stars. Way to go!