Monday, November 8, 2010

Tricks or Treats?

LOOK over there ----------> u see that? 3 more days!!

anyways onto my real reason for this post

Are you over the non stop asking for candy yet? If yours are like mine they got TONS of candy and it is nowhere close to being gone and I am SO over the constant asking can I have a piece of candy! I am gonna have to hide it soon and hope they forget about it for a few days.

We did have a fun Halloween weekend, Saturday was juvenile hunting season so Shane and Wyatt were up very early and headed to the woods they returned empty handed later that morning but Wyatt was determined so after a bit of a rest they were off again. This time he did not return empty handed.

It's hard to tell but he's a 4pointer he had told Shane he was gonna hold out for this big guy that had been spotted near his blind but the day was almost over and he got all excited and wanted to shoot one so Shane said go ahead if you want to. This makes #3 for my little hunter:)

While the men were off doing manly things Abby and I headed to a fall festival at a local downtown square. She wanted to wear her costume and I will admit she was looking very cute buzzing around.
there was a gigantic pumpkin, that btw I thought I was gonna see one woman punch another over her kid getting to sit with it and take a picture, really it's just a pumpkin!

We ate kettle corn, painted little pumpkins, watched the costume contest (which BTW the ones who one in the 0-5 age group were OMG too cute and if you are gonna have twins or even one little one at Halloween you should do it, little chicks! yep white onesies and white tights cover with feathers and yellow rubber dish gloves onto their legs as feet) and just had a good time together.

Sunday we went to our friends annual Halloween party. Someone brought a little trailer so I allowed my kids to be one of those kids that get driven around the neighborhood:) But truthfully it was nice since it was cold that night they were able to hit a ton of houses in little time and then back to the nice warm house with no complaints of "my feet hurt".

Wyatt was again some character from Star Wars some clone trooper guy, the little kitty (a friends little girl) had to be the cutest kitty I have ever seen but she wasn't feeling having her picture made and I snapped a ton of her and Abby and I don't think I got one of both of them looking:)

We returned home to empty bowls of candy on the front porch and I was happy cause like I said they got tons and I definitely didn't need any left over!


Tabi said...

I am remarkably blessed with the candy issue for some reason. I told the kids that they could have two pieces a day. One for lunch and one with their afternoon snack after school. They don't ask any other time. Not sure why it works for them but it does!

I love all the festivals that come with Halloween! So much fun! And all those adorable costumes!! and wow at all the sluty ones! For some reason we saw A LOT of those this year! haha, sorry just had to add that!