Monday, November 29, 2010

Good Deal Alert

Well if you have a preschooler like me it's a good deal alert if not go on about your business and just ignore this post, just scroll on down and see some pictures from WDW!

Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas time is upon us, so that can only mean one thing. LOTS of shopping! I am here to try to help you save the big $$$ this year. Also Sheri at Swaggrabber always has all the great deals listed so be sure to keep an eye on her site in the up coming weeks.

Leap Frog has a great Bundle and Save deal on the Tag Reader System. First pick the reader you want (choose between 3 colors), then pick the books and here is how you save more-pick 1 book save 5%, pick 2 10%, pick 3 save 15% (there are different priced books so look thru them all), then pick your accessory-storage case or headphones.

Use code CSLEAP15 to save an additional 15%. Shipping will be free since you have spent over $50. You should be able to get it all for a little over $56. Abby and I looked at this at ToysRUs on Saturday night during our girls night out and if you purchased this there it would cost you about $99+tax for these 5 items.

Make sure you sign up for Shop At Home to get cash back on this purchase. You will also get a $5 bonus when you sign up. Once you sign up with them go to the Holiday Deals page. Click on Cyber Monday deals. Scroll down and find Leap Frog click it and it will take you to the Leap Frog website and you will get 6% cash back on your purchase.


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