Monday, November 22, 2010

Disney part 1

I say part one because we did so much and I took so many pictures there is no way I can get it all down in one post. Remember me saying I had uploaded a crazy amount of pictures? Well it turns out it was a little over 500! yes you did just read that number. I know I am a bit crazy but dang who knows when we will get back there and yes some of them are double shots-you moms know the rule you better snap about 3-4 of the pose to get one good one;)

Off to the airport

the kids were SOOO excited to get to fly to Disney since they had never flown before and Mommy and Daddy were SOOO excited to get to fly to Disney cause it meant a 1hr45 flight as apposed to a 10 hr drive! Don't get me wrong my kids are pros in the car but dang it was nice to hop a flight and be there before they could utter the words "Are we there yet?"!!

The Hotel-We stayed at Wilderness Lodge and OMG it was gorgeous. When you walk in the front doors into the lobby you are hit with it, the huge todem poles with various animals carved into them, the unbelievably high ceiling, the fire place, the little bridge over the water just everything was so pretty. The outside wasn't to be outdone either the hotel sits on the lake so the view is great. There is a gorgeous water fall that flows down to the pool. There is even a geyser! The room is mostly just your standard hotel room with a twist-wooden beds and bunk beds! Abby graduated to big girl status and got to sleep on the top bunk the entire time.

Gotta love Mickey Mouse made out of a hand towel and wash rags! they don't mess around in WDW, just about everything you touch is Disneyfied-pretty sure I just made up that word.

Oh the pool-the heated pool that wasn't quite heated enough for me to swim in at night! Yes it was very warm while we were there, during the day that is, but in the evenings the temp would drop. Sure enough though every night lots of people were swimming. Finally on Monday night we were back early enough to swim and the kids were dying to try the pool out. Needless to say I didn't last long in the pool before I headed for the lovely hot tub! Tuesday we were up bright and early to eat and hit the pool. It was a lovely breakfast outside until we had guests!

seriously don't they know who my husband is and what he does for fun during the winter months?!
The 2 with bands are lucky they got away safely ;)

Wyatt didn't mind swimming with them though, lets just hope none of that breakfast they managed to weasel out of us had a bad reaction in their system!

Oh the slide! they were so anxious for the slide to open they had wanted to go down it so badly all week but didn't get the chance til the last day! Wyatt ended up getting chosen by the life guard to be "sheriff for the day" which meant he got to stand on the life guard stand and announce the slide was open for the day and got to be the first to go down.

Abby LOVED it also

she is seriously our dare devil; way more outgoing and fearless than Wyatt ever was at this age. She didn't even hesitate to go down the slide and even cried because since I wasn't in she wasn't gonna be able to go, that is till mommy came thru and found out she could get a life jacket!

I can't leave this post without mentioning the fun restaurant at the hotel. It is very loud and crazy so if you are looking for a nice, quiet, peaceful dinner SKIP IT! but if you want some funny stuff go. Oh and don't forget to ask for ketchup!! Oh and tell them it's your birthday!

Why you ask should I do these things? Ketchup-see when you need ketchup you have to let everyone know it by shouting in your loudest voice "We need ketchup" and trust me you will get it. 11 bottles as in our case

because anyone who has ketchup will bring it to your table, and when the next person yells for it you have to take all of it to them and it goes on and on!

As for the birthday I am pretty sure we sang "Happy Birthday" no fewer than 8 times! because the entire place sings to the birthday person. There was also the "Hokey Pokey" and a horse race.

See I have overwhelmed you with pictures and we haven't even made it to the parks yet.


Samantha said...

Gosh, I can't wait to see more!! That slide looks fun..I want to go down it and that restaurant is just my style. I bet the kids loved that experience!!