Monday, June 28, 2010

Following in Daddy's footsteps

So last week Wyatt played in another baseball tournament, he had a blast and I have to admit so did we. The boys didn't all know each other, they had been thrown together just the week before from some travel teams and MBA teams. Wyatt goes to school with a couple of them but had never been in class with them so only sorta knew them. He is only friends with one of them, but they all got along so well and cheered each other on with some great chants from the dug out. When they got a home run there would be this huge cheer from them then they would attack who ever had hit it as he tried to get back in the dug out. It was alot of fun to see him have such a great time with all these boys who all love what he loves-BASEBALL.

He also got a chance to play new positions and played 3rd base in one game and catcher in the other 2 games. Unfortunately the last game got rained out and there was no makeup game. The last game was for the championship and our guys would have so won it, but they ended in 2nd place cause the team they were to play had the higher seed in the game against us.

He absolutely LOVED playing catcher and let me tell ya daddy was also proud. See catcher was Shane's position sure he played others but he mostly played catcher and from what I have been told he dominated at that position. So when Wyatt said he wanted to learn it and play it Shane jumped at the chance to get his son behind the plate.

like my videos? they are from my new favorite toy. My Flip camera goes everywhere with me now, it was Shane and I's anniversary gift to each other. It is so much fun, it takes awesome HD videos and you can even take a piece of the video and clip it into a picture which is awesome since I love pics but can't really take a video and snap pictures at the same time.


Elizabeth said...

Man, he is just growing up way too fast!! Love the Flip, I want one!