Thursday, January 8, 2009

MIA for a couple of days

I don't have alot to talk about but some excitement will be going on around here for the next few days!

We are finally getting new floors WOOHOO. When we bought our house 9yrs ago we put new carpet in and it was all pretty, that is til these dirty kids came along.

We got it the other day and it has sat the appropriate amount of time and tomorrow is D day. We will be ripping the dirty old carpet and funky kitchen floor up and Shane (and maybe me) will be installing pretty wood floors. I am SOOOO excited.

So lets hope this goes well and he and I aren't divorced after this "little" DIY project.

Here are a couple random pics from the hockey game tonight-which we won!

Aww look at us with our cute little matching scarfs

He really does love to have his picture made


jenn said...

Go Preds! (Oh, and I've moved down to low seats to be with some friends before too. Unfortunately the people that bought those seats decided to show up halfway through the game so I had to move.) I've never seen anyone get hit with the puck (except on the ice). That's scary. Hope she was okay.

Elizabeth said...

Good luck! I am telling you for the sake of your marriage and your childrens lives you better just leave for the weeekend until the project is complete. :-)