Friday, January 16, 2009

Jack Frost needs to back off!

I am sure most everyone is cold, but it is freaking crazy cold here. So much so they closed schools today in most all counties. It was a bone chilling 3 degrees here this morning and is 27 right now and that is the high WTH is up with that? The worst part is it is that cold and we still can NOT get any freaking snow here in TN. I am over the cold, I am ready for spring.

Wyatt was very excited to get today off since there is also no school Monday for MLK day so we get a 4 day weekend here. Saturday is shaping up to be a very busy day-Bday party for one oh so special soon to be 1yr old, then Shane is taking Wyatt deer hunting for juvenile weekend, then he has to rush home and he and I are off to the hockey game with NO, I repeat NO children. Sunday there is another birthday party for a friend of Wyatt's they are playing laser tag, he is so excited even though he has never played laser tag.

Oh and I read on the Baseball park we play at are starting there Spring ball sign ups this weekend! So that means spring can't be that far away.

Oh and Abby will be turning the big 3 on Tuesday she and I have big plans for that day, hair cut (which she has never had), nails done and lunch with Daddy. Stayed tuned for an extra special "all about Abby" post coming up.

Sorry I am so boring today not alot of excitement around here!


Tabi said...

I can't imagine that cold weather!! Whew and I thought it was cold here when it hit 20 degrees!!! Hope you warm up soon!!

jenn said...

I have to admit, when I was running around doing all my errands, I started to understand why they closed the schools. Brrr!

Have fun at the hockey game. Hope we win! I have no idea when I'll go to another game, but I'm hoping soon. (I'm at the mercy of my sister and BIL and they live in GA now, so I don't get to go to as many games.)

And thanks for the suggestion on the travel potty seat. I bought it today and already had to use it when we ate dinner with my brother. Shiloh used the public bathroom with no problem. (Love that Elmo.)

Can't wait to see the post on Abby's birthday. I don't want to think about 3. Shiloh isn't far behind. (September, but it will be here before I know it.)

Have a great weekend.

Shannon said...

Too funny... my post for Friday was pretty much the same thing! I even said Mother Nature needs to back off, LOL!