Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hot and Fun in the sun

Well it is official IMO that summer has fallen on TN. When it is 95 degrees outside it is summer! We have been trying to stay busy and cool during these hot days. Friday we met Liz and her little men at the Splash Pad. I was a bit of a crazy woman took a couple extra kids that did not belong to me. So if anyone is keeping count that would bring the total # of kids to 4! Wyatt and a friend from school (that would be two 6 yr olds), Abby (2 1/2) and the little girl I babysit (14mths old). It was alot of fun and the kids loved it and I looked like a supermom to those who did not know me:)

Saturday we had a 12:30 tball game and let me tell ya it was no fun at all. The temp was a nice and warm 95 and there is no shade there at the park, luckily Gram showed up with Abby's pink frilly big umbrella and we managed to get a bit of shade. The kids looked so hot and being the mommy I was worried about my little man who by the way hates to be hot. The game had a less than desirable outcome but the kids survived the heat. Now we are on to tournaments that start Thur. night so have good thoughts that it cools a bit here.

Notice the kid in the outfield behind Wyatt and the glove covering his face (click on the picture to make it bigger)! Too bad he wasn't playing the infield:)

Saturday night we went to a long time (like forever) friend of Shane's house. It was his daughter's birthday party. It was fun catching up, we don't see them much since gas costs like $4000 and they live about 45 min. away. The kids had fun especially Abby when she saw that the bday girl got a Barbie Jeep.

Here are the girls trying to find something good on the radio-Yes there was a real radio in it

Abby wouldn't take off the princess shoes that the bday girl got (BTW they were from us she was lucky to get them)

Lounging with daddy trying to cool off

Oh yea and it is also official Abby's has begun the Cheese face. I have a hard time getting a real smile from her.


Heather and Jason said...

Abigail is absolutely gorgeous! And Wyatt is a cutie pie!

Elizabeth said...

Aw, she looks so cute in her dress!!